How does it work?

The Basic Squares are 24" x 24"
Made from 40% recycled-content cardboard, the Bilding Boards have a core and outer paper that were specially chosen for their durability.
The Bilding Boards have "loop" velcro adhered to them.
Attach the boards together with the colorful "hook" velcro Dots.


The velcro "loop" circles adhered to the boards make building a snap! Use the colorful "hook" velcro Bilding Dots to connect the boards together.
Dots make connections easy and strong!
Just align the boards together so that their half-circles match... and attach them together with a Dot!
It's easiest to start with the boards flat on the ground Then fold, stand and stack them.
Disassemble and create an infinite number of structures.
Build all of the different structures below with just one kit!
 Building Boards are a great canvas for painting, stickers or however you want to personalize them!