About Us

Bildopolis believes in playful learning, where kids learn without being 'taught'. We feel that their everyday lives provide opportunities for learning, and the things they discover through play build creativity, imagination, spatial awareness, and dexterity while encouraging problem-solving skills. Bildopolis is a San Francisco-based company that makes simple, eco-friendly, large-scale building kits for kids.

Except for the velcro, our product is designed, manufactured and assembled here in the San Francisco Bay Area. We know that we could manufacture our product offshore at a cheaper price, but we're focused on giving our customers a high quality product that supports business here in our community.  We're also proud to partner with PRIDE Industries in Sacramento to assemble our kits. For 50 years, PRIDE Industries has been successfully preparing people with disabilities for employment and more independent lives. If you do any manufacturing please consider using them. They're great to work with and they provide an important resource for the employment of people with disabilities. www.prideindustries.com

Bildopolis was founded by Industrial Designer, John Smith who worked for the internationally acclaimed design firm IDEO. During his ten years at IDEO, John designed strategies and products for numerous Fortune 500 companies where sustainability was rarely valued over profits. From these experiences John was inspired to build his own company with a philosophy of creating simple, well-designed, environmentally conscious products that are enriched with fun.


To contact us, please email: shop@bildopolis.com