Q: What is the Big Bilder kit?
A: The Bildopolis Big Bilder kit is a large-scale cardboard structure building kit designed to encourage creativity, imagination, spatial awareness, and dexterity while also teaching kids to think in 3D. Once built, the Big Bilder kit gives kids a private place to call their own while fostering imaginative play as well as providing a canvas for creative art.

Q: What is the kit made out of?
A: The Bilding Boards are made from 40% recycled-content cardboard. They have a core and an outer paper lining that were specifically chosen for their durability. In order to have as much quality control as possible, we source our cardboard from right here in California instead of out of the country. Our hook and loop parts are made from recyclable nylon in China. The manufacturing of the cardboard, assembly and drop-shipping are all local to the San Francisco Bay area.
Note: Cardboard is a natural product, so there may be some small tears in your Bilding Boards due to the stamping process. This is normal and doesn't affect their performance.

Q: Who is it for?
A: Bildopolis is for kids (and adults) 6 years and older. While kids younger than 6 can play in the structure (after mom, dad or a sibling builds it), we've found that they lack the patience and care needed to actually build the structures and they can be a little rough with the boards.

Q: Can my child put on stickers, paint or markers to personalize the boards?
A: Yes! In fact personalization is encouraged! We'd love to see anything that your child does with the kits. These will also help us think of more products for more fun!

Q: Can my child climb on it?
A: No, while pretty sturdy, Bildopolis is for climbing IN, not climbing ON.

Q: Can Bildopolis be used outdoors?
A: Well, if it's not raining. The Bilding Boards are not coated with any films to make them waterproof.

Q: Is there a store nearby that sells the Bildopolis Big Bilder kit?
A: Unless you're in the San Francisco Bay area, probably not at this time. We're working on getting the kits into stores, but for now, the best way to get them is through our online store.

Q: I have an idea for a kit or an accessory, can I send my idea to you?
A: Yes! Please send us any ideas that you have to make bildopolis even better. We love listening to our customers ideas! And please send us your comments, good or bad so that we can continue to refine and improve the bildopolis system.

Q: My child is very physical and loves to smash stuff. Is Bildopolis ok for him/her?
A: Ummm, probably not for him to smash. Again, while sturdy, bildopolis is still just cardboard and doesn't take smashing too well. ;-)